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Are you new to the industry, recently switched roles with your company or maybe you are in need of a refresher? Consider registering for one of our upcoming seminars to further your knowledge of the power generation industry.

Large Electric Utility Boiler Combustion and Performance Optimization Course

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Our Large Electric Utility Boiler Combustion and Performance Optimization Course is a one-of-a-kind course that has been presented to thousands of people worldwide. This course is approved by the North Carolina and Florida boards of registration for professional engineers for 16 continuing professional development hours.

Combustion Optimization Course Description:

  • Combustion Optimization Course taught by Storm’s senior management team, a combined 100 plus years of experience in the utility industry
  • Review “Boiler Designs and Sensitivities”, i.e. corner-fired, wall-fired and different furnace configurations.
  • Review and discuss “Industry-Wide Performance Challenges”, specifically combustion and boiler-related challenges that Storm often is called to resolve.
  • Present changes to existing pulverizers, burners, and boilers, which have proven to be cost-effective and successful.
  • Review “Fuel and Ash Qualities” and their effect on boiler performance.
  • Explain some opportunities to enhance the performance of low NOx burners.
  • Discuss and show equipment used to balance fuel and air flows, such that optimum combustion and reasonable flyash carbon content.
  • Answer specific questions and provide guidance, based on experience and a sound mechanical approach.
  • Apply the “Thirteen Essentials of Optimum Combustion” to overall efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly coal-fired boiler operation.
  • Identify some controllable heat rate factors.


richard storm

Richard F. “Dick” Storm, P.E.
Founder/Senior Consultant of Storm Technologies, Inc.

Dick Storm is the Founder and Senior Consultant at Storm Technologies, Inc. Dick has worked in the power industry for over 50 years and has achieved a global reputation of excellence, knowledge and led STORM® to our continuous mantra of SERVICE/QUALITY/RESULTS. Dick has decades of experience with every aspect of pulverized coal, oil boilers and engineered solutions for combustion improvement programs and has provided consulting services to the electric power, primary metals and heavy industries among an innumerable collection of other accomplishments. Dick is a contributing Editor to Power Magazine and one of the presenters of STORM®’s short course; “Large Electric Utility Boiler Combustion and Performance Improvements”. Dick continues as a Senior Consultant to the STORM® Team and serves as an ever-willing resource and mentor offering great strides in professional knowledge and development to any of our up and coming combustion engineers at STORM®.

danny storm

Danny Storm
President of Storm Technologies, Inc.

Danny has over 30 years of engineering experience and has worked at STORM® since it was founded in 1992. Danny held a variety of responsibilities in positions ranging from field service engineer to project manager and spearheaded numerous engineering projects and combustion improvement programs on the path to his current position as President and CEO of Storm Technologies, Inc. Within the Storm® Team, Danny has fostered a “Concept to Completion” culture including design, engineering and fabrication capabilities; all of which are completed in-house and in close collaboration with our customers to meet their individual and specific needs and schedules to provide our standard of SERVICE/QUALITY/RESULTS. Danny holds a BSMET from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as well as an associate degree in Mechanical Design and Drafting. 

adam mcclellan

Adam McClellan, P.E.
Vice President of Engineering & Fabrication / Chief Engineer

Adam has been with STORM® since completing his BSME from North Carolina State University in 2002.  In that time, he has progressed from field service engineer to project manager to STORM®’s Chief Engineer/ Vice President of Engineering.  Adam has managed countless successful projects including many separate boiler optimization programs featuring completions of engineering designs, guidance for their installation, and technical review of their operation and benefits. Many of Adam’s projects have been centered around effective airflow management, boiler performance improvements and the development of new boiler optimization products. Adam is a registered professional engineer in the state of North Carolina.

shawn cochran

Shawn Cochran, P.E.
Vice President of Field Services

Shawn began his time at STORM® after completing his BSME from North Carolina State University in 2005. Shawn started as a field service engineer and worked his way up to service schedule manager and, ultimately, STORM®’s Vice President of Field Services. Shawn has orchestrated ASME efficiency testing projects on some of the newest coal fired boilers in the global power industry. In addition to these accomplishments, Shawn has managed a myriad of combustion optimization projects, both domestically and internationally, where STORM® was successful in improving the overall unit performance. He also works with the STORM® Team on developing new products, testing methods, and services to remain at the cutting edge of the industry. Shawn is a registered professional engineer in the state of North Carolina.

Plant-Specific, On-Site Short Courses Also Available

Perhaps you and your team cannot make it to one of our semi-annual seminars. How about a personalized short-course at your plant or corporate setting?  We offer this service to our customers.  We can take your plant-specific scenario and customize our standard course to add more value to you and your team!

The North Carolina Board of Registration has approved this course for engineers registered in North Carolina to earn up to 16 professional development hours (PDH’s), depending on course length.

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