Gas Sampling Conditioner Kit

How to cool and dry your gas sample for your gas analyzer.

  • Pre-filters the flue gas stream prior to entering your high cost portable gas analyzer

  • Increases the life of your gas analyzers internal pump

  • Provides a metered dry gas flow to your portable gas analyzer

power plant performance testing

STORM’s Gas Conditioner is designed to provide a clean, low moisture content gas sample to an appropriate analyzer such as the ECOM J2KN. Cooling, filtration, and metering are accomplished with the various components of the analyzer. Sample times are significantly reduced with the use of the pump included in the Gas Conditioner. Furthermore, reliability of gas analyzers is proven to increase with the use of an external pump, chiller and inline filter as found in the Storm Gas Conditioner. Gas being sampled is provided to the Gas Conditioner from the sample probe via 3/16” I.D. thick-walled tubing. Smaller lengths of tubing are used throughout the Gas Conditioner to direct gas flow between the different components and then to the source analyzer.

The first stage of the gas sample conditioner is to filter the solid particles and moisture from the gas in a stainless steel bubbler system, located in a thermal storage unit (ice chest). The bubbler consists of two 1/4″ tubing connections.  A level of water is maintained above the gas inlet connection within the bubbler. When flow is established, this arrangement forces gases to be “bubbled” through the chilled water. The gas sample is then transported to and passes through an inline filter for final conditioning. The conditioner pump takes suction on the bubbler through the inline filter and discharges to the analyzer by a combination flow meter/control valve arrangement.

Kit Includes:

  • Ice chest
  • Bubbler
  • In-line filter
  • Gas pump with 110VAC single phase motor
  • Flow meter/control valve
  • Lengths of 3/16” I.D. heavy duty sample tubing

Testing Locations

power plant performance testing

Furnace Exit

Economizer Exit

Air Heater (Gas) Inlet

Air Heater (Gas) Outlet


Other Required Equipment for Testing:

  • Flue Gas Analyzer (e.g. ECOM J2KN)
  • GFCI protected power supply
  • Electrical extension cord
  • Sampling Probe
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Digital Manometer
  • Flexible tubing with thermocouple (25ft or 50ft length)