Forward / Reverse Probe

How can you accurately determine the airflow, flue gas flow, and velocities in a duct?

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • Type "K" Thermocouple

  • Can be used in air/gas flow streams up to 1,000°F

power plant performance testing

STORM’s Forward Reverse Probe is ideal for determining the amount and distribution of air and/or gas flow/velocities in a duct. The Forward Reverse Probe is a calibrated “S” type pitot tube with static pressure connection and type “K” chromel-alumel temperature measuring thermocouple. The Forward/Reverse is calibrated following the ASTM D3796-09 multiselect calibration technique to a NIST traceable standard pitot tube. The probe is all stainless-steel construction. Available in 2ft increments from 4ft to 22ft, however custom sizes can be fabricated.

Primary Uses:

  • Measuring and balancing secondary airflow to windbox and burners
  • Measuring primary airflow to each pulverizer
  • Calibrating airflow measurement devices such as airfoils, venturis, or flow nozzles
  • Induced draft and forced draft fan testing (Fecheimer or 3D Probe may be preferred if flow is nonaxial)

Testing Locations

Probe Overview

Other Required Equipment for Testing:

  • Digital Thermometer
  • Manometers
  • Triple strand of flexible tubing with thermocouple (25ft or 50ft length)