Isokinetic Coal Sampling Kit

How can you best determine the performance of your pulverizers?

  • Isokinetic coal sampling provides accurate measurement and collection of fuel samples

  • Determine fuel line velocities across the load range

  • Evaluate air and fuel balance to each of your burners

power plant performance testing
power plant performance testing

Each coal sampling kit we sell comes with everything you need to draw a proper isokinetic sample from a fuel line and conduct a comprehensive pulverizer test for optimum performance. With this kit, you will be able to perform clean air tests on each pulverizer as well as determine the static pressure and temperature, dirty air velocity, and fuel flow, airflow, & fineness in each coal pipe.

The pulverizer is the heart of your puliverized coal boiler’s combustion system and nine of STORM’s Thirteen Essentials for Optimum Combustion deal directly with the pulverizer. With that said, Storm’s experience has been that pulverizer performance is extremely important to the combustion efficiency, heat rate and reliability of your boiler. Storm’s Isokinetic Coal Sampling kit will provide you with the equipment to quantify and optimize the performance of your pulverizers.

Kit Includes:

  • STORM® Isokinetic Coal Sampling Procedure
  • Dustless Connectors with (3) Extra Seals
  • Static Pressure and Temperature Probe
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Lead Wire
  • Digital Manometer
  • Dirty Air Probe
  • 10″ Inclined Manometer Kit (w/18″ Pitot Tube)
  • Clear Flow Tubing
  • Filter Canister Assembly w/Orifice and Cyclone
  • Aspirator and Needle Valve Assembly
  • D.P. Sample Canister with O-Ring Seal
  • Filter Paper (50 Sheets)
  • Coal Sampling Probe
  • 10′ Reinforced Tubing with Hose Clamps
  • Box of 1-Gallon Sample Bags (not shown)

Note: Items in these kits can be purchased separately

Primary Uses:

  • Ascertain relative pipe-to-pipe fuel balance
  • Quantify individual fuel line air to fuel ratios
  • Quantify pulverizer air to fuel ratios
  • Quantify individual fuel line velocities and mass airflow
  • Ascertain pipe-to-pipe airflow balance
  • Quantify fuel line temperature and static pressure
  • Obtain representative fuel samples for coal fineness analysis
power plant performance testing

Testing Locations

power plant performance testing

Fuel Lines

Dirty Air Probe Overview

Coal Sampling Probe Overview

Coal Sampler Overview