High Velocity Thermocouple Kit

How do you determine the actual flue gas constituents in your furnace?

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • Type "K" Thermocouple

  • A water-cooled probe used in gas flow streams up to 2,500°F

power plant performance testing
power plant performance testing
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The High Velocity Thermocouple (HVT) Kit comes with everything you need to properly characterize the levels of flue gases and temperatures (FEGT) at the furnace exit elevation of your boiler. Once a complete traverse of the furnace has been completed, plots of the data can be generated to determine if and where there is a problem with air in-leakage, secondary airflow or side-to-side fuel imbalance in the furnace. Unlike infrared FEGT monitors or other laser-based devices that provide bulk gas temperature measurements. The probe is designed to provide the user with a true flue gas temperature on a point by point basis, but Storm feels its’ greatest asset is the probes’ ability to measure excess oxygen. These two variables can provide great insight into challenges you may be facing with slagging, high spray flows, tube metal temperatures and even point to possible factors that have increased corrosion/wastage of your surface areas.

Our probes have an integrated gas sampling tube that allows for an analyzer to draw a gas sample from the furnace (O2, CO, NOx – depending on the analyzer). A Type-K thermocouple is also installed in the probe to provide the user with the ability to measure a true flue gas temperature up to 2,500°F. The water-cooled jacket protects and cools the probe, while quick “Chicago” style fittings allow for fast and easy attachment of air and water to standard industrial connections.

Kit Includes:

Note: Items in these kits can be purchased separately.

HVT Probe accessories can be sold separately or as a complete package, depending on your needs. The probes come in standard lengths of 2ft intervals from 12ft and 20ft, but can be fabricated to any length up to 20ft.

Testing Locations

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Furnace Exit

Probe Overview

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