Heavy Duty Fine Cut Riffles

Having fuel distribution issues in your fuel lines & burners?  Perhaps the fuel line riffles are worn out and need to be replaced.

  • Made from Carbon Steel, AR Plate or Oil Quenched Steel

  • Thicker divider plates for extended longevity

  • Increased quantity of dividers for improved fuel distribution

Some vertical spindle type pulverizers (suction and pressurized) are equipped with riffles that are prone to wear and should be inspected and replaced as needed. Riffles that are manufactured from thin materials will wear out quickly. In addition, many of them have poor distribution performance as well. Storm Technologies manufacturers heavy-duty fine cut riffles that are nearly 50% thicker than typically designed and have solid dividers. STORM® can fabricate these riffles out of a variety of materials including carbon steel, AR400, and STI 8000.

Riffle inspection and replacement are part of the normal outage work scope. Installing new heavy-duty fine cut riffles provided by STORM® can improve distribution and performance. If the classifier works and all other proper clearances and settings are completed, further improved fuel fineness and distribution can be achieved without much additional outage work scope.