Multipoint Probes

Do you want to cut down on the time and manpower required to evaluate air heater performance, determine air in leakage or evaluate the flue gas constituents at a location in your boiler?

  • Increases testing efficiency by reducing overall manhours to collect flue gas measurements

  • Reduces manpower required for performance testing

  • Can be used in gas flow streams up to 1,000°F

fabrication capabilities

STORM multi-point probes are a safe and reliable way to test the boiler exit, air heater inlet, outlet or any location downstream of the economizer. STORM multi-point probes are durable and reliable; fabricated from 304 stainless steel pipe and stainless steel sheathed thermocouples. Custom fabricated for number of points and lengths desired. Each probe consists of gas sampling tubes and thermocouples at various depths such that a representative test grid can be achieved.

Primary Uses:

Testing Locations

power plant performance testing

Economizer Exit

Air Heater (Gas) Inlet

Air Heater (Gas) Outlet

Why Utilize Multipoint Probes:

  • Safety; as personnel are not required to handle hot probes in order to perform the tests
  • Improves productivity and economics of testing; as it reduces manpower and time required to perform a test
  • Sealed connections to the duct, therefore more accurate and reliable test data can be achieved; as air is not pulled into the port allowing false O2 indications
  • Tubing can be routed to one location such that safety, accessibility, and productivity are improved
  • Can be used with Storm’s SOAR system for automated flue gas sampling of up to 96 points.